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We started this journey as a small regional business. Looking back at our success, that began 80 years ago and how much we have grown over the years. Today Josera is a world-renowed pet food brand –and this ride is far from over. The recipe for success: people who have brought Josera forward with extraordinary and innovative ideas… People who put their ideas into practice. Who have simply done it. Real #PIONEERS. We believe that these #PIONEERS exist everywhere. People who act on their convictions, even in the face of opposition. People who set an example – without demanding anything in return. People who believe in the good and simply do it. Many of these everyday heroes are not seen. And we want to change that. Become a part of the #PIONEERS movements and show us your pioneer side. Whether you put efforts in to saving the world, help grandma cross the street or walk your neighbour’s dog – every good deed counts. We want to acknowledge them, admire them and share them as an inspiration to others. So that the #PIONEERS movement continues to inpire such heroic deeds…

What are we looking for?

Good deeds! Whether you regularly help out at the animal shelter, feed the homeless pets or go shopping for elderly neighbours – we want you to know your good deed matters. Even if they are not acknowledged everyday: There are little and big everyday heroes in all of us.

Why all this?

We want to celebrate our 80 years of experience in the animal nutrition industry – not with coffee and cake, however with something that can leave an impact. With an appeal that goes out to everyone: because the success that Josera celebrates as a company today is based on more than one expertise. It is built on a lot of dedication from each one of us, the drive and the desire to serve others as a #PIONEER, to break the norm and inspire.

What then?

Submit your good deed with a short explanatory text and a photo or video. We will share your story, act, deed on our #PIONEER pinboard. Our tiny gesture in the form of a reward to your act of kindness and good deed will be that we will make your four-legged friend completely CO2-free for a year. And you'll even get it in writing! Simply enter the name of your pet and download your personalised, CO2 neutral certificate. You don't have a pet? No problem. You can gift this certificate to a good friend too. But don't wait too long. Our CO2 certificates are strictly limited.

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Become a part of the #PIONEERS !

How it works

  1. Be a #pioneer and do your good deed
  2. Take a picture
  3. Upload your picture with a short description
  4. We will provide you with your personalised CO2 certificate

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